DoSomething.Org -Global Campaigns 2/100

DOSOMETHING.ORG is a charity that I have followed since I was thirteen. is a global movement for good with 5.3 million members across 131 countries.
The organisation sets up volunteer campaigns in which members sign up to and complete an activity that will have a positive social impact. So far they have lead 240 volunteer campaigns.

I have been working on several of the campaigns and it has been fun, creative and easy. There are things you can do from your home with very limited resources and there are also tasks you can do within the community whether in schools, the environment or with your friends.

-Comics To The Rescue (Anti-Bullying)
-Barbie Bash (Body Image)
-Project Shutdown (Sexualisation of women in advertising)
-TheSexiestWordsAre (Consent)


The first campaign I have worked on is to create a comic strip that illustrates a way to stop bullying. This is a campaign with a cause very close to my heart. I was bullied throughout secondary school and I was also an anti-bullying mentor to help other people who were being bullied.
My task was to created a superhero who would help those who are being bullied.
In designing my character I knew I wanted it to be someone who perhaps had been bullied themselves for two important reasons.
1. It shows anyone can be bullied but also that anyone can be a hero and help someone. 
2. It shows that there is a world beyond where you are bullied and things do get better!

Don’t suffer in silence and don’t let anyone else suffer in silence. 

I created Super-Friend and here she is on her adventures!


As you can see – this is no Marvel level of comic but it doesn’t matter, the message and the information needed is there!


The second campaign is something you can complete in less than half an hour. The Mattel character ‘Barbie’ is an inaccurate representation of woman in all areas of the word. Her achievable waist and other body proportions are one of the influences on young children. Many children will look at Barbie and aspire to be like her, also many children will look at her and be unable to relate to her. The campaign Barbie Bash encourages you to draw yourself as a Barbie and take a picture with it, posting it on social media and tagging Mattel in it saying “Happy birthday, @Barbie. For your special day I got you something new — an accurate representation of the human body.”
This campaign has been running for two years so alternatively you could just say “Here is more realistic representation of one of many human bodies”


This campaign is important for me because I have struggled with a lack of confidence within my body since I was a teenager. I constantly wanted to be a certain celebrity or a certain character I saw on screen. I also have two nieces and three nephews and they will be growing up in a world full of social media and body negativity on every news and social media outlet. I want them to know, along with everyone else that they are worthy, they are normal and their bodies are perfect the way they are, sure express yourself as much as you like in whatever way you feel- but you don’t need to carve yourself into someone else. You are you and that is enough.

All you need is pencil and paper and then a photograph of you and your doll.



Project Shutdown is about the sexualisation of women in advertising. Magazines, TVs, Billboards and Social Media- it is everywhere. There are advertisements of women in their underwear promoting products, but there are also advertisements of women being abused, being dominated and degraded and this then puts out a message to the world that this is okay and it most definitely isn’t!
Project Shutdown is about modifying adverts to make them less degrading and sexist. Use graphics, pens or post-it notes and get creative. suggest 
DON’T “fix” ads on mags that haven’t been purchased. DO hit up waiting rooms, salons, or even your friends’ mags on the beach.

I have chosen to modify ads and post them online because I haven’t been to any of those places in quite a while, not am I planning on soon. Also social media can reach anyone.
I have also chosen to remove the brand title of the product. Many will know what it is from the product image, however for those who don’t I have chosen not to advertise the companies further.

Here are the images I have created, before and after:


The fact that this was for Women’s Day absolutely disgusts me. 




If you can’t see, the new tagline it “We actually sell cars, not people”.







The final campaign I have completed for DoSomething.Org is #TheSexiestWordsAre – all about sexual consent. Consent is sexy. Whether you are in a relationship or just with someone for the night, or somewhere in between – it is important that both participants want to, and not just one of them. If someone kisses someone else, it doesn’t automatically mean they are agreeing to have sex with them.

This campaign is super quick and all you need to do is complete the sentence #TheSexiestWordsAre

You may think it is obvious to you- but it is not so obvious to everyone. So make a poster and share it.

Here are mine!


These are just some of the campaigns on DoSomething.Org that you can take a part in. DoSomething has a target audience of young people, to encourage them so make a difference. But I think these are acts of kindness that anyone can do. It is so simple and so effective.


BULLYING HELPLINE UK – 0808 800 2222
“Family Lives offers a confidential and free* helpline service (previously known as Parentline). Please call us on 0808 800 2222 for information, advice, guidance and support on any aspect of parenting and family life, including bullying. Our helpline service is open 9am – 9pm, Monday to Friday and 10am – 3pm Saturday and Sunday.”

RAPE HELPLINE UK – 0808 802 9999

“12-2.30pm and 7-9.30pm every day, and 3-5.30pm weekdays.”
Or find details of local Rape Crisis helplines and services near you.





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