Cards of Kindness – 3/100

Today has been a wonderful day. I’ve spent five hours walking around Northampton where I am currently living handing out cards with cute, uplifting or kind messages on them. I made fifty cards just with a blank card, black Sharpie and felt tips. My act of kindness was to give out 50 compliments however I wanted to give people something they could keep. All of the cards were left blank so that if people wanted to they could write a message and pass it on to someone else, letting the Kindness Continue.I never mentioned anything about the fact this has stemmed from me raising money for Mountview unless anyone asked, which a few did.


A bundle of the cards before I handed them out.

My friend Zoe very kindly walked around town with me for five hours documenting the day so I could give these cards to the people of Northampton, whether people going about their day or people working to keep  Northampton going. The responses were a mixture throughout the day. It definitely made a lot of people smile, however I was also saddened by the amount of people who were dubious about what we were doing. Several people asked ‘what’s the catch? But as soon as I said nothing, they were quite happy to take their card.
The first card was given to the nice taxi man who drove Zoe and I into town, the last was given to a gentleman at The British Heart Foundation, then another 48 in between.
They were so easy to make and you don’t even have to give out a card, just an old-fashioned, verbal compliment or good wish will help make someone’s day better.


We went to the coffee shops of Northampton, including ; Bewitched, Dreams, The Magic Bean Emporium and Muffin Break.

We went into various shops in town from independent, high street and charity shops. One lovely lady from The Northampton Health Store gave me a hug in return.



I gave some money and a card to the wonderful buskers who were playing for the people of Northampton.


Cards for the shops making Northampton smell delicious! Interflora in Market Walk and Lush!

And I gave them to people just going about their day, having a coffee, doing some shopping.

muffin break ladt.jpg


This lovely woman was an absolute delight and I am so glad I have her a card. She chatted with Zoe and I for quite a while about what we were doing and how she always believes in people being kind. She was full of wonderful stories, amazing energy and a beautiful smile!

Now we didn’t get a picture of everyone, some people didn’t want a photo and some were too busy and we didn’t feel right taking their time away from important jobs or customers. We do however have more photos than this so make sure you are following Kindness Continues on Instagram so that you can see all of the rest and learn about the lovely places we went to and the people we met.

It was wonderful meeting everyone today and it has made me super excited for more acts of kindness. Thank you everyone for your support.

If you would like to support my studying and help me create more acts of kindness, the link below is to my Go Fund Me page.

Antonia x
Now go and spread some love and kindness.

Photography by



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