Positive Public Poetry – 4/100

Positive Public Poetry is my act of kindness, which due to a busy work schedule is slightly overdue. Since I enjoyed handing out my ‘Cards of Kindness’ so much to local businesses and local people, I wanted to complete another act off my list that had a similar feel. I have written five poems that are positive, cute and hopefully uplifting, I have also drawn five little doodles to go with them. I printed 15 copies of each poem and for the past few days I have been hiding them around Northampton where I live.


Not all of the poems have been hidden yet as I’m having to fit it in between work and also try and get them out when it is not raining (I’ve battled a downpour twice so far).
I also want to make sure they aren’t all on the same few roads. I’m also heading to my other home of Nottingham in a couple of weeks and will be hiding a bunch around there!

These are just some of the places the poems have been hid so far; parking meters, bus seats and inside toilet stalls. On the back of each poem there is the Kindness Continues email address, Instagram and Twitter – in the hope that those who find it send us a picture and let us know. As of yet there have been no responses, but I will keep you posted.

I did however go to work one day, leave a poem on a roadside barrier and then when walked back from work, the poem had been removed and the plastic wallet had been left (which I then removed so not to litter). I just hope that my poem bought someone a little smile that day.

its gone.jpg
I’m excited to continue hiding these poems over the next few weeks, fingers crossed I will get some messages from those who have found them soon!
Why don’t you share your talents with your friends or people that you don’t know. Leave messages or pictures to brighten someone’s day.

I have also been working on my next act of kindness of Sepsis Awareness- so you will be seeing all about that soon. Thank you again for support.

Below are the links to download the PDF of each of the poems so that you can print them and keep them for yourselves of give them to someone you love or care about.

Lovely Like You
World Of Wonder
Song Around The World
Loud Love
A Wish For You


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