About Antonia
My name is Antonia and I am a  22 year old actor and writer from Nottingham, UK.
I am overjoyed to have been offered a place at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in London to complete a Masters in Acting. Drama School training is incredibly expensive and there is little and limited funding available to support it. The cost of my one year of studying and living will amount to roughly £26,000. Through working in various jobs and taking out loans I will be able to pay off a large portion of that fee, however I still have a long way to go.

This is where Kindness Continues comes into play.
For every £100 that I can raise for my training I will complete an act of kindness for the community or a charity.
This may be money raised through donations, sponsors or event days. I aim to complete 100 acts of kindness. Click here to read about what acts of kindness I will undertake.

To make 100 acts of kindness turn into 101 acts of kindness, please donate. 
Go to http://www.gofundme.com/kindnesscontinues

I believe that kindness should be passed on, kindness should continue. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated, thank you.

More about Antonia

I attended Northampton University and studied acting from 2012-2015 and gained many wonderful skills and experiences. Drama School will give me the opportunity to develop my craft as an actor and will put me in a position to take the next step in my career. I have always worked incredibly hard to grasp every opportunity in the creative industry I have had access to. During my three years at University I volunteered at The Royal & Derngate Theatre, Northampton in many fields to gain experience. I have been an assistant practitioner in many of their youth theatre groups, worked on theatre festivals and event days and worked within the creative learning team. I get commissioned to create bespoke workshops for them through my own company Underlines Writing. I have also assistant directed on their large scale youth production of Oliver! and on their Under 7’s Christmas Show ‘Second Star to the Right’.
I have been fortunate to meet incredible actors, directors and creatives, watch brilliant shows and learn a lot, leading me to become one of their Creative Project Associates.

During my third year of University I set up my own bespoke writing business that creates workshops to encourage and explore writing and reading in many age groups. I have lead workshops to young people and have created bespoke workshops for events like Fun Palaces and the National Theatre Connections Festival. I have been fortunate to deliver
workshops to people of different age groups and different nationalities.

I am so eager to continue my development as an actor and will work incredibly hard on the run up to September 2017 to make sure that my training will happen. I will be so grateful for your support.

Currently I am working on learning based projects with The Royal and Derngate and I am preparing for the workshops I am leading in the 2017 National Theatre Connections festival. I am working with elderly people in a play appreciation group. I also have more projects up and coming which I will be able to announce soon.
I am also the leader of Comedy and Drama teaching at The Pauline Quirke Academy, Northampton and will be co-directing their show Lazy Ace which will be performed at Her Majesty’s Theatre in July 2017.
Also, I am a carer for a 15 year old boy with a rare case of Cerebral Palsy.

My acts of kindness are underway so please take a look at them here on the blog.

Thank you for your support.