You can help Antonia and the Kindness Continues Project by;

1. Donating money.
2.Donating resources.
3. Nominating a charity.
4. Sharing Kindness Continues

Continue reading to find out how and why. 

Antonia is raising money to study an Masters at Drama School. For every £100 raised, Antonia will complete one of the acts of kindness, continuing the kindness that you have shown by donating.
Any donation, large or small is appreciated.


If you have any items or offers that are new  and suitable to donate for a raffle, please contact using the form below.
Also, please follow us on social media to keep an eye out for when we are looking for donations for clothes and food drives, book donations and art donations.


As part of the 101 Acts of Kindness, there are various charities that I will be looking to volunteer with yet haven’t decided on.
If you know any amazing charities within the Northampton and Nottinghamshire area, please fill out the form below and tell us why this charity is great or important to you.

Have a charity you love outside the Northampton or Nottinghamshire area? Let us know that it deserves to be nominated for the activity of ‘Spread awareness of a charity someone loves’.


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Help support Antonia go to Drama School and help her complete 100 acts of kindness. Make 100 acts of kindness 101.
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Thank you.